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As the head of Web Design at Richmond agency, FreshMove Media, I was tasked with creating my own take on the company website, freshmovemedia.com. As the third rendition of this site, there’s history in these web pages. My main concern when taking over this site was consistent branding, in a fresh new way.
Information Hierarchy
As a medium-sized agency, it can be easy to promote selves and achievements, while glazing over the living breathing organism that is FreshMove Media. On the new homepage, we highlight our powerhouse abilities unified in powerful case studies and individually in service pages that highlight our team’s unique capabilities.
Let’s Get Moving!
In the creative agency space, almost everything we produce has movement. As an effective way of communicating what we do best, gifs and videos are dynamically applied across the site.

Case Studies: How Can We Show What We Do, Actually?
For similar reasons in the moving element section, effective case studies take time and care to communicate effectively. These studies were my problem child throughout my design and development process, I idealized different layouts and placements of our portfolio, and landed on a refined shadowbox masonry gallery that centers around a strong initial image and project title to peak interest and familiarize visitors with brands they recognize. We love our clients just as much as we love to show off the work we do for their unique brands.

Popups Shmopups
Popups annoy me, most people probably feel the same frustrations as popups pull us into a realm of navigating archaic Windows software. I kept the popups to a minimum on this site, we highlight a main popup for prompting contact on a delay that limits overstimulation and highlights our fancy animated logo (shameless plug). I highlighted an additional popup on our podcast page and blog page, to connect with users that view our regularly updated site content.

All in all, I’m honored to have the chance to head a website redesign for my incredible company and highlight some of the most talented people I know. Thank you to the entire FreshMove team.

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